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Create a TCR PCC that will allow for product code priority to change based on time of day and also have the ability to assign product codes to different user groups.

Create a TCR PCC that will allow product code priority to change based on time of day. This will allow balancers to be assigned the work that has the next upcoming deadline. For example, in the morning Control Disbursement Inclearing entries take priority and have a 7:30 am and 9:30 am deadline but in the afternoon, client ICLs and branch capture are a priority over inclearing files. The TCR PCC should also have the ability to assign product codes to different user groups. This will allow Item Processing to have even more control over the workflow by designating certain balancers to certain product codes. The majority of our balancers are usually assigned to balance branch capture work and are scheduled to work midday when branch capture work is received and processed. The rest of the balancers are assigned to balance work with specific deadlines and tend to work either early morning or later at night. Assigning product codes to different user groups will allow those folks to only receive the work that they are assigned to balance and are the priority for their shift. Where these shifts overlap, the users that balance inclearings work will be assigned that work based on the product code priority for that time of day but the other balancers that are in the user group to receive branch capture only, would still be assigned branch capture rather than the prioritized Inclearings. This would prevent the Supervisor from having to go in to TCR and manually move entries to ensure that the correct balancers are assigned the correct type of UOWs.

This would impact the balancer the most but Item Processing would benefit as a whole since this would help with their ability to prioritize balancer work to meet specific product code deadlines throughout the day as well as keeping the overall workflow moving.

This is needed in TCR, specifically the PCC for TCR.

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  • Apr 28 2020
  • Future Consideration
Component Transaction Processing - Validation, Enrichment, Routing
Priority Urgent - Blocker
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