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Set persistence and expiry of MQ messages at the application level

Actor: User needs enhanced features

In our company, we do not define queues with persistent, but expect the application has the ability to set it as persistent in the MQMD. Additionally, messages should have a set expiry (not set to infinite). Both standards are according to MQ best practices and recommendations.

CPS currently does not enforce any type of behavior on the MQ queues with regards to data persistence, but it provides queue definitions to configure persistence at the queue level (persistence property on queue level to "true").

We wish for consistency between applications, and adherence to standards. FTM Base already uses message persistence at the application level, i.e. FTM is considering all messages flowing through the Broker as business critical and makes them persistent in the MQMD.

CPS should follow suit by using message persistence at the application/message level to ensure that business critical messages are not lost. Also, both CPS and FTM should set an expiry limit on messages.
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  • Apr 9 2019
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Component Standards (Protocols, Rule Books, Specifications, etc.)
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