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FTM should have logic to understand and fix the different states a payment should be and also have logic to re-try if a payment is in an out-of sync status between FTM and EWS.

  • Examples:
  • HNB customer receives money, FTM attempted to make the PaymentStatusUpdate call to EWS as Delivered and experienced a connection issue and did not get a success/failure back from EWS. FTM treated this as a success and marked the payment as delivered.

  The payment is in a mismatch status between FTM and EWS, where EWS never received the Delivered.

  • Another example is – HNB customer sent money, when FTM attempted to make the AddPayment call to EWS, it experienced a connection issue and did not get a success or failure back from EWS. Unfortunately, FTM treated as if this was a failure and failed the payment. Customer got a transaction failed response back on the mobile app.

  EWS actually received this payment, sent it to the receiving FI, receiving FI credited their customer, and   sent   confirmation back to EWS.

  EWS then sent a delivered status to FTM, where FTM had already failed the payment.

  The ask is for FTM to have an interim status of held instead of failing the payment out-right and to wait   to   see if it receives a success back from EWS. If it doesn’t, then fail the payment.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • Sep 27 2019
  • Planning to Implement
Component Transaction Processing - Validation, Enrichment, Routing
Priority Medium - Important
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