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Block 3 field 121 (FIN MT199 and FIN MT103) in lower case despite DABADKKK DnqEROUOptions EditorAllFieldsUppercase FIN

Referring PMR 19041,010,678
Also see item #36 in the attached doc.

In order to comply with the SWIFT specifications and recommendations for the unique transaction reference (UETR - field 121 in GPI messages MT 103 and MT 199) we urgently need a possibility to ensure, that this field is not translated to upper case, independent of the configuration within MER how to handle the remaining fields within a message. Configuring MER in a way that no upper case translation is done at all is not an option, as this runs the risk to not comply with SWIFT specifications for other fields.

This RFE repeats the same request which we already been raised for WBIFN some years ago, to have a configuration possibility for upper case translation per field. As a compromise, we by that time accepted to get a global configuration possibility to configure upper case translation in general (for all fields and all MTs). This compromise now causes our issue and necessitates this RFE.

Our ultimate request is a configuration possibility within FTM MER to allow specify whether upper case translation is done per field, however, considering the urgency to comply with the SWIFT recommendations for GPII now, for WBI-FN MER, we would accept an implementation which just excludes field 121 in MT 103 and MT 199 from being translated to upper case.

We don't consider this minimum solution as a requirement at all - it's necessary to comply with SWIFT's specifications and recommendation, and we expected to get this implemented with an APAR within the next 2-3 months.

We need a solution for WBIFN.
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  • Apr 9 2019
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