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MER enhancement for user routing of messages

Not all incoming SWIFTNet messages can be processed straight-through. In some cases references are missing or the message's content requires manual review. These messages will be routed to MER queues on which users can view, delete or print the message but also should be able to forward the message to other MER queues (belonging to different business units) or back office applications. Similar to MERVA queues in the past, there should be a "ROU" command which enables users to enter a target system name to which the message should be routed. Adding additional information (comment) should still be possible.

Currently, MER only allows to define a CustomAction, i.e an additional button e.g. named "Route", to trigger a message flow for processing the message. The user can add a comment in the "Context view" of a message before clicking the button or, when choosing this action in the message overview list, the user is asked by a pop-up to enter a comment. This comment can be evaluated in the message flow, so that the user could thereotically use this field to enter also the target system id. However, this feature is not enough to implement a user-friendly routing functionality as the user is not enforced to enter a comment in every scenario. E.g. if (s)he clicks the Route Button from another message view (e.g. the "Formatted view", which is the default view that users use to decide where the message needs to be routed to), the user will not be asked to enter a comment. (S)He first needs to switch to the "context view". Hence, it is very likely that the user forgets to enter a comment before clicking the Route Button. The message can then not be processed properly. Furthermore, a "Route" button that is visible in any message view, but which is only working properly if the user first enters a comment in the context view will be very confusing for the user. As MER is understood as being the successor to MERVA for manual message processing, there should be a similar user-friendly functionality in MER as there was in MERVA.
The user must be able to route properly from every “message view”, especially from the “formatted view” without making way round to the “context view”.
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  • Apr 9 2019
  • Future Consideration
Component Administration & Configuration
Priority High - Critical
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