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presenter report links and navigation

1) For links inside data grids, I would like to be able to "open link in new window" even if the link is pointing to another report rather than a URL. Currently there is a checkbox to "open link in new window" but only for URL's. The reason we would like this for reports as well is...

2) For end users viewing reports in their browser, simple navigation is a problem. Example: User navigates to a report and selects their picklists and hits submit. Behind the scenes, ICM does a POST (as opposed to GET). Then user clicks a link inside the report to navigate to another report. At this point, user cannot click the "BACK" button in their browser and return to the previous report. Clicking "BACK" returns them to an empty report with empty picklists.

3) As a result of ICM's choice to circumvent the most basic navigation feature of every browser, the BACK button, we are left having to come up with strange workarounds to this problem, one of which would be to force-open links in a new window.

Can all ICM reports just use GET instead of POST? That would resolve this issue entirely.
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  • Apr 9 2019
  • Will Not Implement
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    Paul Peters commented
    03 May 12:20

    This Idea is not aligned with the current road map and will not be considered this year. This Idea will remain available for comment and voting. It may be considered for the 2020 road map evaluation based on community feedback.