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Saved Import Overhaul

I'd really love to see a total overhaul of the "manage saved imports" feature. In addition to implementing my previous suggestions which other users seem to agree are needed (allowing comments and CTE's in SQL statements (URGENT); providing a dropdown of ODBC database sources with connection info centrally configured somewhere in ICM (very strongly want this feature)), we need a better tool to truly MANAGE our growing list of saved imports.

Imports should be able to have descriptions and be sorted into groups (similar to Scheduler). We should easily be able to see which Imports are being used in Scheduler, when they last ran, etc., and which are unused. Saved imports should be able to include a "clear table before import" option, rather than relying on both tasks to be scheduled sequentially in Scheduler. Saved imports should also have more options to "only add new records", and "ignore records with import errors".

Furthermore, tighter integration between "manage saved imports" and "scheduler" in general would be nice; in fact I think they could basically be two parts of the same thing. For example, we should also be able to right-click and edit saved imports directly from Scheduler.

As this product grows, it is vital to go back and re-think and clean up some of these utilitarian features that have been added over the years to make a more cohesive and user-friendly product. Instead of simply allowing us to accomplish certain tasks if we jump through the right series of hoops, the tool should exist to make our lives easier, and should be set up with ease of use in mind.
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  • Apr 9 2019
  • Will Not Implement
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  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    17 Apr 09:34

    I agree with most of the ideas exposed above. In case of Saved Imports, when the list is really large, it not easy to find the one you're looking for.

    Although the best way is maybe to be able to create groups or folder if you want, a probably easier and faster way is to sort the imports per type:

    Two big categories:

    1. External
    2. Internal (ICM Storage)

    Then each one devided into smaller categories:

    1. Text
    2. ODBC
    3. Excel imports
  • Admin
    Paul Peters commented
    20 May 12:46

    This Idea is not aligned with the current road map and will not be considered this year. This Idea will remain available for comment and voting. It may be considered for the 2020 road map evaluation based on community feedback.