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Clear indication if Environment in V10

In the Version 10 Admin client you don't select which environment at log on. The environment is displayed on the upper left, but it's easy to not notice that you are in the wrong environment. In V7 & V9 I made custom Logos in the Theme setting, but those no longer display in V10.

I would like the background color of the header bar to be different by environment. So production can stay the IBM Blue, but Dev can be green, QA Yellow.
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  • Apr 9 2019
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    23 Apr 14:33

    The potential business impact here could be huge, as busy admins can easily be working in multiple instances at the same time and inadvertently make changes in the wrong environment without realizing it. One possible remedy might be to "flag" an instance as "Production", so that any logic or structure edits generate an extra warning message on save, to require the user to confirm the change.