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Little things to improve in ICM 10


I am using ICM 10 version R87.
I would like to share with you my suggestions on the things which could use some little improvement, based on everyday user experience:

1)When you use "import from database" preview functionality, the table could have rows not in white/gray but in light gray/dark gray. Because now you cant see null values properly, it may lead to confusion (see screen2 - the null values are present but not visible)
2) When using formula in calculation each time you try to write something, the suggestion drop-down menu appears, which is not allowing you to hit "enter" button, because if you do so, it writes a function, which you didnt wanted to write - this is a bit annoying (see screen1)
3) When you make "restrictions" in calculation the drop-down for possible values is almost all the time... somewhere else and you have to scroll to look for it (see screen3). Also the drop-down is not containing all posible values.

Wish you a nice day, I hope you will find some time to consider those improvements.
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  • Apr 9 2019
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