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Workflow Management Enhancement for daily operations

Can I get ICM to automatically send an email to a set of people? For example, a weekly email reminder for people who haven’t approved their comp plans, or a notification of action to be taken by a manager based on a sales rep’s numbers.


Current solution:

  • Custom script for emailing:
  • Requires scripting knowledge.
  • Not supported by ICM Support.
  • Hardcoding required in script for table / View / Calculation names for who to send to, as well as for email text.


Possible solution:

  • ICM Workflow Alert Nodes:
  • Product functionality – Fully supported
  • No hard coding required – all configuration fully accessible
  • One workflow can accommodate multiple swimlanes, so multiple emails can be sent to different people for different reasons.
  • Requires Workflow to be manually stopped and started every day for emails to be triggered.
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  • Jul 8 2019
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