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Workflow Navigation Capabilities between WF "Master Presenter Report" and detailed / others Reports

When using Workflows, only 1 Presenter Report (which I call "Master"), is officially linked to the workflow.

But quitte often, we need to provide more details to the end user to make him able to take a decision, or we may need to have the master report displaying aggregated information and detailed one used for data input. This is required for ergonomic purposes.

Today, the problem is:

- We can easily go to other reports using native links from Master Report

- To go back the master report, the only way is to use the component "Workflow Dashboard" in the "child" report

This solution works only it there is only one active workflow (so WF Dashboard displays only one record). If not, all active workflows are displayed.

The idea would be to be able, by passing the Workflow ID to the master report for instance, to go back precisely to the master report filtered on the correct workflow ID.

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  • Jul 17 2019
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