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Create a way to restrict unsaved publication deletions to only ICM or the publication originator

Currently in ICM objects like publications can be created by a specific administrator, but the publication can be deleted by any other administrator.  

Setup steps for the scenario:

  1. Login as Comp Admin User ID #1 and create the unsaved publication ABCD.
  2. Check the Audit Log to ensure the unsaved publication ABCD is recorded under Comp Admin User ID #‌‌1.
  3. Login in as second Comp Admin User ID #‌‌2 while User ID #‌‌1 is still logged in.
  4. Check the Audit log and you will see unsaved publication ABCD has been deleted under User ID #‌‌2.

The fact the user who created the publication is not the same user who deletes the publication is a problem for Audit and internal policies.   Also the Comp Admin User ID #2 doesn't receive notification of the deletion outside of an entry in the Audit Log is another issue.  The ability of another user who may not be in the same line of business is able to delete an expiring publication just because they happened to be the person who logged in at the time is proving to be a major concern.


It would be beneficial to everyone if an unsaved publication was only allowed to auto expire under the user id who originated the pub.  If that isn't possible for code reasons what if the unsaved publications could be allowed to expire but there would be a notification sent to the originator and when they approved the deletion it would be recorded under their user id?   

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • Sep 20 2019
  • Needs Review
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  • Admin
    Paul Peters commented
    27 Sep 13:40

    This IDEA has been reviewed. We are watching this for votes and feedback from the community. Please add any additional details you may want to contribute to this item.