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Zelle - create (or fix) a timeout value that takes the entire payment flow into consideration

We currently have a problem where the front end has a 20 second time and Zelle has a 15 second timeout but because of the way the product is designed the15 second time applies to multiple components (applying that 15 sec timeout to each component).  In our situation the front end times out but Zelle FTM continues to process.    I believe there should be a timeout value for the entire process:


See notes from L3 in the case we created: TS002779121


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000273 EndHTML:000070665 StartFragment:000068366 EndFragment:000070537 StartSelection:000068366 EndSelection:000070531 SourceURL: - FTM - clarification on the Zelle timeout value - Cases - IBM Support

spscott (IBM)
28 Oct 2019    ‎02‎:‎46‎ ‎PM

Response from L3:


No, we do not have a timeout for the entire process.

The Timeout value is used twice - Once when we send the payment to Gateway for processing. (We will wait the default 15 seconds for Gateway to process the file).

The timeout value is used again after the payment is successfully ingested by Gateway, to wait for the ITS workflow through Risk processing.

So the full amount of time we can wait (only for the J2SE application processing) is 2 times the configured value.


The timeout does not include any timing of the user exit processing.

If this is something that is desired, it would have to be implemented inside the User Exit and time out if you have not received a response in a reasonable amount of time.


I believe your implementation of the Notification User Exit uses MQ, so we likely are not spending a material amount of extra time in this User Exit.

Funds Transfer and Fraud I believe are both synchronous Web Service calls, where you could implement a timeout within your user exit code.



Additional information:


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000273 EndHTML:000069467 StartFragment:000068727 EndFragment:000069333 StartSelection:000068727 EndSelection:000069333 SourceURL: - FTM - clarification on the Zelle timeout value - Cases - IBM Support

No, the Zelle Payment Processing Timeout does not count the time for user exits.  

When we send the "file" to Gateway, we wait that amount of time for the payment to process through Gateway.  Then, we use that timeout value again for it to make it through the ITS workflow (through Risk processing).

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  • Jan 15 2020
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    Craig Rector commented
    6 Oct 12:45pm

    This has been addressed in v3.2.3 and above.