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Reset dependent field values to null and only display valid values once controller field value is updated

Instead of showing this error message: "The value in this field is no longer valid", the dependent field values should be reset to null and to have only the valid values in the picklist once the controller field value is updated into a different value.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • May 14 2019
  • Reviewing
Component End User UI
Priority Medium - Important
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  • Admin
    JOHN Lundgren commented
    14 May 13:52

    Thank you for submitting this Idea!

    The IBM team is evaluating this enhancement request. A decision or request for more information will be provided within 90 days.

  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    01 Jun 14:45

    +1 for this. There are two issues being described here:


    1. The "orphaned" value is retained, and the field shows the "The value in this field is no longer valid" error message. -- Clearing the field was the PREVIOUS behavior of OP and I believe this was a deliberate change in one of the v8 sub-versions. Since a significant number of users strongly prefer the old, and other users the new behavior, then I think the behavior should be made configurable via registry setting.

    2. Have only the valid values in the picklist once the controller field value is updated into a different value. -- This, from a user experience perspective, looks like an unintended consequence of the design decision in (1). Users now are confused as to why the value is being flagged as invalid when it in fact is still in the dropdown! This might be a quicker win than (1), so let's please look into this soon.