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Workflow: Extending the concept of auto start to also encompass auto-transition from one stage to another

In a similar way to auto-start, there will be instances where we would want the workflow to move onto another stage when the conditions and validations are met, without the user having to do this.



- If using the Custom API to create objects (e.g. Evals), then this would require this Custom API as a stage, followed by an additional stage to populate the values of the new record by using conditions. The user doesn't care that this is a two stage process - for them it's a single process to create a fully populated Eval. We shouldn't ask them to have to manually movce the stage on

- When a user makes a record inactive, we'd like to end the workflow for them, but instead they have to choose the finish stage off the action button, then decide whether they are finishing due to an object closing, or being made inactive. 

- When a control is collected, we'd like to automatically move it to an awaiting collection stage (to make use of the operations)

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • May 17 2019
  • Likely to Implement
Component End User UI
Priority High - Critical
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  • Admin
    20 Aug 22:08

    Initially we wanted to automatically move to the next stage when the Validation rules passed and not wait for a user action


    1:When All issue fixed move the workflow to the next stage and notify the users

    2-When KRI value collected for this month automatically move the KRI stage


  • Admin
    JOHN Lundgren commented
    September 24, 2019 00:26

    Thank you again for submitting this Idea!

    This request will not be delivered within the release currently under development, but the theme is aligned with our multi-year strategy. IBM is soliciting RFE Community feedback for this request through activities such as voting. IBM will update this request in the future.

  • Admin
    JOHN Lundgren commented
    May 17, 2019 14:13

    Thank you for submitting this Idea!

    The IBM team is evaluating this enhancement request. A decision or request for more information will be provided within 90 days.